Global Healthcare Trader

Global Healthcare Trader – Doing business around the world just got easier

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Global Healthcare Trader (GHT) is a brand new, cost-effective promotional vehicle for companies looking to find distributors around the world.

Whether your company is already an experienced exporter or is looking to put a ‘toe in the water’, GHT can help you to find the right people to do business with, across the globe.

Here are the main features:

A simple search facility enables companies looking to import new products to find businesses looking for partners.

Companies select the countries in which they are looking for a distributor and will appear under all those country searches.

Companies can select up to 10 product categories to be listed under.

Companies have an easy to manage profile page on the site can be updated quickly whenever necessary.

GHT carries information from media, exhibitions and organisations from around the world too, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to develop global business.

GHT is promoted to over 9000 contacts in thousands of companies around the world, located in over 100 different countries.


To become listed

Simply contact us and we’ll send you details of what we need to get you live.